China, Russia, Mongolia, Iran, Turkey, Albania, Nepal, Cuba & Venezuela use uranium mine gulags as death camps. Russia and China also have depleted uranium in their arsenal, Russia uses it in Syria. Saudi Arabia used it in Yemen.

The USA, UK, France, Canada… massively use depleted uranium to fuel terrorism, raise taxes and for sadistic pleasure (if that wasn’t obvious). Uranium is a death sentence in mass internal contamination and even with low-level intake. The damage increases over time (latency of onset because decay products of U238 have progressively shorter half lives ; alpha radiation is responsible for destruction, helium nucleii are heavy and very fast).

Picture by Robert Del Tredici, plutonium dust creating alpha “trails” of necrosis in lung of monkey (laboratory experiment)

DU makes the Middle East an inferno…

Muslim man depleted uranium shariahWhy is depleted uranium not needed for armour piercing ? Nuclear reactors work like any fire : carbon and hydrogen increase energy output. As in a Diesel motor for instance, compression takes a major role. Here (Wiki) -> “Varying the density of the mass – The higher the density, the lower the critical mass.” (also in the French patent “la masse critique varie en fonction de l’inverse du carré de la densité”) – The production of LIGHT at the impact of antitank weapons proves it. This is used in ALL nuclear bombs.

Slide explications rapide And it allows to reach a much more limited supercriticity with very little pieces of highly enriched uranium or plutonium. A few grams only, that are used indeed in all CONVENTIONAL antitank warheads. So they do not need DU. DU is added since Vietnam (proof in my scientific article on the effects of uranium and other alpha emitters on health) for genocide and ecocide ! Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Syria, Libya, the Balkans… Even a retired French Army general (Pierre-Marie Gallois, father of the French nuclear deterrence in the 50s) said in 1995 massive use of DU is a “crime against humanity” ! Neither Agent Orange, nor Thalidomide (a “crisis” right during the peak of fallout from atmospheric nuclear testing), nor Bhopal (a plant that handled uranium) are linked to birth defects, cancers, etc (come back to the scientific article above).

Tax money from collective support to governments after terrorist attacks is diverted in pockets of heads of state through overbilling in tendering and retrocession of the excess on offshore accounts (their own, not the companies’ ! – ever heard of the $21 trillion hole in Pentagon and Housing & Urban development budgets ? Michigan State Univ research).

mattis vietnam.png
These Vietnamese generals aren’t very enthusiastic in accepting the “truth of Agent Orange”…

Who will tell you cannabis cures a huge range of diseases including all cancers and much, much more ? No one, really, or only some lip-service. A growing number of peer reviewed academic articles demonstrates its effects experimentally. Just never mix with opioids. The silence on cannabis is a big part of the ongoing genocides, its direct complement. Courts are even ruling, in the USA (Cassendra Callender in 2015 in Connecticut for instance), to force children to undergo chemotherapy. Drugs are from nature. The pharmaceutic industry turns models it finds in nature into industrial products ; the original is always better than the copy. Don’t doubt it.